Inch by inch, Row by row, Please bless these seeds we sow…

I spent the afternoon relaxing at home, basking in the sun pouring through the windows, sipping glasses of pomegranate juice and sparkling water, while occasionally resting my hand on my tummy. Tonight as I look out at the blue sky I feel light and positive. A feeling I haven’t felt after our embryo transfers for a long time. Our transfer early this afternoon went wonderfully, which was such a blessing and helped both me and my husband stay calm and relaxed. The RE usually pokes and prods my cervix quite a bit before resigning to using the clamp, but this time I didn’t even feel the catheter. We met with the biologist before the transfer who showed us photos of our two beautiful blastocysts that I like to imagine floating around in my uterus looking for the perfect spot to snuggle down for the next nine months. With all of our past transfers I was determined to only transfer one embryo at a time, but for this cycle neither my husband nor I had any doubt about two. It felt right and we were ready. Unlike my last cycles, I decided to take off work the day after egg retrieval and two days after the transfer. Being able to take a step away from work has done me a world of good. I know the next two weeks are going to inch by and that I won’t be able to escape the inevitable yo-yo of pre-Beta emotions, but I feel extremely thankful for today.

This weekend we went on an outing to our future home and I got to do a little gardening. The garden was bursting with vibrant colors and fragrant smells. I couldn’t help but listen to the playful cries of children next door and daydream about one day watching our children play in the garden. Here are some photos of some of the flowers that are in bloom.


10 thoughts on “Inch by inch, Row by row, Please bless these seeds we sow…

    • Thank you! Ten peaceful days would be heavenly. So far I’ve had 1 1/2, which is already much better than past cycles. I’m back to work tomorrow, which won’t necessarily be peaceful, but should help keep my mind occupied.


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