“Your dad’s Mother’s Day”

There are many wonderful and many challenging aspects of living in a bilingual relationship. That subject in and of itself merits a blog post of its own. When I talk to my husband in French or when he talks to me in English, we sometimes spout out funny phrases to explain what we’re trying to communicate.   Last year when my husband mentioned something about Father’s Day he pulled “your dad’s Mother’s Day” out of the hat. It made me smile and I noted it on the calendar. It made me laugh again yesterday while looking back at last year’s calendar.

This year Mother’s Day and Father’s Day haven’t been quite as emotionally challenging as last year. I’m not really sure what has changed. I’m feeling relatively positive right now, so I think that helps. Over the last couple months we have spent a fair amount of time with toddlers of friends and family. I’m getting a bit better about not building a complete barricade between little kids and myself when they’re in my vicinity. I’m still not nearly as carefree and fun when interacting with little one’s as I used to be, but I’m working on it.

My husband, unlike me, has never constructed barriers between himself and the children in our lives. I even think he has become more comfortable around them since we started trying to grow our family over three years ago. I suspect it’s due in a large part to the fact that the children of our friends and family are getting to toddler age and he feels much more in his element with toddlers than with little tiny babies. One thing that has brought me much joy recently, has been watching my husband interact and play with little kids and reflecting on what a wonderful father he will be to our children. There is always a dash of bittersweet in the mix, but I’m thankful that sweet is the predominant feeling of the moment.

6 thoughts on ““Your dad’s Mother’s Day”

  1. ahha Whree languages.. it can be messy but fun.. it sounds like you’re both doing well, that’s great. I had been well for a long while but I suddenly regressed.. I hope it won’t last too long. I prefer when I can be open and available to be present in other people’s lives.. xx


    • I definitely have my share of messy language anecdotes too ;-). I feel like the phases of regression are inevitable in this whole process, at least they are for me. I tend to not write much during those phases because I find it difficult to do much of anything. It takes time to heal after each failed cycle. But what is encouraging is that there always seems to be a layer of resilience underneath all of the feelings of loss and grief waiting to prop us up again once we’re ready. Sending bug hugs your way!


  2. Oh that is precious… you sound strong girl… and hopeful! I am all too familiar with protecting myself when in contact with babies and little children. I have recently been able to open up but its still so painful, with so many repercussions. In any case, be well my dear, and gros bisous!!


    • Right now I’m feeling fairly strong and am trying to relish the experience because I know there is always a fragile emotional balance for me during this journey to motherhood. I have been thinking of you often this week and am sending heaps of positive energy your way. xoxo


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