Glimmer of hope

I got my results for the Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) biopsy back today. The biopsy concluded that my endometrium was pre-receptive after 6 days of progesterone, so the recommendation is to redo the biopsy to check the receptivity after 7 days of progesterone. We now have to decide if we’re going to do the follow-up biopsy or just try our luck with a day 7 transfer of a 5-day blastocyst as suggested by my RE. We’re still waiting on the NK cell biopsy results, which we probably won’t get in time for a July FET and my clinic is closed in August. Part of me wants to do our FET in July, mainly because my work schedule is a bit lighter and my work days are much less physically demanding than at other times of the year. But another part of me would really like definite confirmation of a receptive window before going forward. I’m leaning towards redoing the ERA biopsy this cycle, taking a break cycle in August, and doing our FET in September after the summer holidays. We’ve planned a hiking trip in the Alps and a biking trip with my parents near La Rochelle in August, which I’m super excited about. And even though my work schedule will be more hectic in September, the holidays will hopefully give me time to focus on getting to a really good place mentally and physically in preparation for our FET.

11 thoughts on “Glimmer of hope

  1. I find holidays always help. If not to have increase chances to better cope with the treatments. So maybe waiting is not too bad. Your sportive holiday plan sounds amazing! 🙂


    • I’ve been on hormone replacement cycles or stimming for 5 out of the last 6 cycles (4 biopsies and IVF2), so I think my body will thank me for a break. And I’m pretty sure our holiday plans would stress me out if I was pregnant, so waiting is looking like a good option. I’m holding out lots of hope for you this month!


  2. This is all very good news, tangible problems which can be met with practical solutions… what a dream when suffering from infertility, n’est ce pas? 🙂 I would definitely say wait until after your vacation as it sounds lovely and action-packed, because even if they say you can do almost anything when pregnant, when it has been so labor-intensive to get there, you will want to be careful and have no regrets. September is a wonderful time to start something new! This is a great plan!! 🙂


    • My glimmer of hope is still there, but harder to make out after my appointment last Friday with the doctor who conducted the biopsy. I’m not sure if anything can every really be tangible on this IVF roller coaster. I have an appointment with my normal RE this Wednesday and I’m hoping we will be able to figure out a plan of action for after the holidays. I’m sending lots of growing energy to that little embryo and big hugs your way.


      • I hope the rdv on Wednesday brings back a bit more clarity, a way forward that you feel confident in. Indeed there are rarely clear answers to the infertility dilemmas we face but thoughtful plans we can place our hope in are what we have to hold onto… let me know how it goes ma chere!! And a thousand thank yous for thinking of me…


      • The appointment we better than I had anticipated. My doctor actually spent around 40 minutes discussing and reflecting on our case. Pretty impressive considering my usually appointments are 10 minutes tops. I’ll try to post about it this weekend. Hopefully we can catch up in person next week.


  3. Je suis une grosse nulle en anglais mais si j’ai bien tout compris, ton endomètre serait apte à recevoir un embryon de 5 jours après 7 jours de progestérone… non ? ça veut dire que des solutions commencent à se profiler, et ça c’est bon… peut-être mon cas est le même que le tien, pour le moment, je ne peux pas trop te dire car je suis en “pause”. Jusqu’en septembre, comme toi… (si j’ai bien tout compris). Je t’embrasse.


    • Tu as parfaitement bien compris ☺. J’étais contente d’avoir enfin une piste, mais j’ai vu le médecin qui a fait la biopsie vendredi dernier et les choses se sont un peu embrouillées..ugggg. J’essayerai d’écrire un petit update après mon rdv avec mon gynéco ce mercredi. Ça ma fait vraiment plaisir de lire ton dernière article ! Vive la déculpabilisation et la positive attitude ! xoxo


  4. I’m on a break, too, and think it was both overdue and necessary so I’m echoing your own and others’ thoughts that waiting for September and some more insight from further test results sounds like a sensible plan. Of course, I know what it’s like to want to get the show on the road, too, so trust you’ll make the right decision for you. Wishing you all the best and some awesome vacation and family time!


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