I got the results of my second Endometrial Receptivity Array (ERA) biopsy back today and my eyes were met with a big, bold, capitalized “RECEPTIVE”. The tears were not long to follow – tears of relief, tears of hope, all mixed in with a dash of apprehension. The recommendation is to proceed with a frozen embryo transfer under the same conditions as my biopsy. So it looks like we’ll be going ahead with a transfer of a 5-day blast on the 8th day of progesterone in a hormone replacement cycle. My doctor is on holiday until the end of the week, but I’m scheduled for the first appointment on Monday and hopefully Day 1 will be soon to follow. I also had an endometrial scratch yesterday, as recommended by the results of my uterine NK cell biopsy, in the hope of recruiting more of those little suckers to my endometrium. And tomorrow I’ll meet with my clinic’s biologist to discuss whether assisted hatching is worth considering. It feels wonderful, yet surreal to finally feel like we have some genuine answers and hope. I am so very hopeful for our next transfer, but can’t help think about how excruciating it would be to face another loss after all of this renewed hope.


10 thoughts on “RECEPTIVE!

  1. Yey, this is such great news!! I am also happy to read you so hopeful and excited. I think that’s the best mood to be in to start a cycle. It’s better to worry about an eventual loss later. In any case it doesn’t hurt less when you’re pessimistic. Anyways, I very much hope you won’t have to worry about that at all.
    Best of luck! I’ll be here cheering for you! xx


    • Thank you! It’s wonderful to have your support! It’s funny because my husband and I were almost as excited to read the biopsy results as we were when we got our first and only positive beta back over a year ago. We both had to remind ourselves not to skip too far ahead, but we are feeling positive and eager for this next cycle to begin. Thank you for sharing your experiences and beautiful photos from Japan. I’m thinking of you for the MRI and your upcoming FET (if I understood correctly.xoxo
      P.S. I’m coming to Paris in early November for a training course. I would love to do drinks or tea if you’re around.


  2. C’est super !!! Je suis très hopefully moi aussi pour toi pour cette prochaine tentative !!! Surtout qu’on en est au même stade 🙂 enfin, t’as plus d’avance que moi vu que je fais la biopsie ML en octobre 😉


    • Merci pour tes pensées! C’est cool que tu as un timing prévu pour la biopsie ML. Est-ce que ton médecin à déjà fait des biopsies ML? La première fois que je l’ai fait, le médecin n’a pas pris un échantillon assez grand et j’étais obligé de le refaire. A priori ML a besoin de pas mal de matériel pour l’analyse.


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