FET Underway

My period arrived on the first of the month and I was able to jump right into my hormone replacement cycle for our upcoming FET. It’s rather handy to have Day 1 be the 1st of the month because you don’t have to think nearly as hard when your RE, the laboratory, and everyone and their mother ask you what day of your cycle you’re on. I had my Day 11 lining check with my RE today and things seem to be moving in the right direction. My lining is just under 7mm, which is still a bit thin, but about normal for me. The plan is to continue the oral estrogen for another week to see if we can get my endometrium to plump up a bit and to then start the progesterone suppositories. I’ll go back for another lining check next Thursday. If all goes well we should be transferring one blastocyst around September 26th on the eighth day of progesterone suppositories (as per the ERA biopsy recommendations).

I’ve requested to do the transfer on a Friday, so I can take it easy over the weekend. I also asked my RE if there was anything we could do to try to ensure a smooth transfer this time around. Most of my past transfers have been a little rocky and she usually has to use a tenaculum to pass, or rather jab, the transfer catheter through my cervix. Not only does this provide for very uncomfortable transfers, but it also worries me that the associated cramping will reduce the chances of success. That said, the only hint of a positive we have ever had was after our most difficult transfer. My RE wrote me a prescription for EMLA (lidocaine) cream to apply to my cervix and Xanax to take 45 minutes before the transfer this time around. Do any of you have experience with either of these options? The only information I can find on the lidocaine is in relation to bovine embryo transfers, not the most reassuring search result to pull up ;-).

I’m feeling rather zen about this transfer at the moment, but I’m sure my zenitude will be more difficult to hold on to as the transfer date and the two-week wait approach. On the menu for this cycle is acupuncture, psychoanalysis, endovaginal electrical stimulation, medical hypnosis, osteopathy, yoga, fountains of pomegranate juice, and delicious meals and wine. I’m so hoping that this along with our transfer based on my personalized window of implantation, as wild as it all may seem, will bring us closer to our dream of holding our baby in our arms.

6 thoughts on “FET Underway

  1. Qu’est ce que le pomegranate juice ? Je vote pour les delicious meals and Wine 🙂 le reste, c’est bien aussi. Si tu as peur d’avoir mal pendant le transfert (ou alors j’ai rien compris), je pense qu’un spasfon avant peut t’aider, mais vérifie l’info. Xxx


    • Pomegranate juice = jus de grenade. C’est sensé être plein d’antioxydants et certaines personnes disent qu’il favorise la croissance de l’endomètre. Je me dis que ça ne peut pas faire du mal et le jus mélangé avec un peu d’eau gazeuse sert de mon cocktail sans alcool pendant les traitements ☺.

      La douleur pendant les transferts n’est pas tellement le souci, même si mes transferts ne sont pas très agréables. J’ai plus peur d’éventuelles contractions utérines déclenchées pendant mes transferts difficiles qui peuvent nuire à l’accroche. De ce que j’ai compris, le xanax est un anxiolytique, mais aussi un puissant relaxant musculaire pour détendre le col et l’utérus.


      • Ok, je ne savais pas tout ça… tu me diras ce que tu auras pris… sait-on jamais. Bonne idée pour le jus de grenade. Il parait également que le jus d’ananas favorise la nidation. Mais, je pensais que c’était un mythe…


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