Lost and Found

 To all you lovely ladies who are cycling, waiting, or taking a break from treatments like me, I’m pretty sure I’ve found our stork. Her name is Elma and she’s hanging out in North Eastern France, happily being feed by a quirky old lady who has befriended her. I guess if I were Elma, being the “gourmande” that I am, I might prefer hanging out eating delicious treats tossed to me by a nice little old French lady than ruffle my feathers delivering beakfulls of babies.  But I do also love exploring the world, so I’m hoping Elma will catch my travel bug and decide to come pay us all a little visit in  our four corners of the world, in the very near future.

13 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. What an amazing picture! I am a travel addict too… I call this “my wings”. Each time I travel (always far far far away) my heart and my eyes are wide open, I have really have the feeling to be alive. Again. To be the one I used to be, before IVF and my miscarriages.
    I am very “gourmande” too. What is your favorite french dish?!


    • Carotte, I love your description of “your wings” and how traveling makes you feel. I too adore the freedom and feeling of being truly alive and living in the present that comes with traveling and exploring new places and cultures. Traveling definitely provides me with much needed breaks from the reality of IVF. Although it can be frustration trying to plan our traveling adventures, as IVF has forced us to modify how/where we travel. We no longer plan long bicycling holidays which we love, we try to avoid countries that we’d like to visit which have severe malaria just in case I’m pregnant, we try to anticipate trip dates (not always very successfully) so they won’t interfere with IVF cycle dates… But once we’ve put on our traveling wings it is all worth the hassle of planning around IVF. Will you be putting on your wings soon? Are you still planning on re-exploring North America?

      I’m happy to discover another “gourmande/gourmet” on the blogo. It’s really difficult to chose just one French dish ;-). I adore crêpes when in Brittany, confit de canard, my father-in-law’s homemade foie gras, caramel au beurre salé, good cheese with a glass of red wine…What about you?

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