Summer reading swap!

In the blog world the links we have with those around us are usually generated through notes typed on a keyboard, but the summer reading swap/swap lecture d’été organized by Dans ma Liseuse Hyperfertile gave me and some fellow bloggers a great opportunity to exchange on a different level.

My summer reading swap package, from my fabulous swap partner Kalyz, arrived just as my husband and I were heading out the door for our anniversary weekend. I decided to wait until we got back to open it in order to be able to take the time to unwrap and fully appreciate each fun and thoughtful touch.

As I opened the multitude of little gift packages, my kitchen table overflowed with a rainbow of colors and a lovely ray of sunshine from my swapeuse ;-). The card of a ginger cat (just like my adored childhood pets) holding a lucky bouquet of four-leaf clovers was full of sweet words. And  Kalyz added cute little stickers in English all throughout the books and goodies.   

Kalyz sent three wonderful additions for my summer reading stack:

-“The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger (in English 🙂 !). I started it while waiting for my IVF second opinion appointments in Paris last week and am excited to keep reading.

-“Seul dans Berlin” by Hans Falladas. I probably never would have discovered this book on my own. The characters and subject matter seem fascinating and intense.

-“Je l’aimais by Anna Gavalda (a bonus book!). I read Gavalda’s “Ensemble c’est tout” a few years ago and enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to discovering another one of her books.

Tucked in between the books were yummy treats. I’m trying to keep refined sugar to a minimum for my PCOS, which didn’t make Kalyz’s job easy. But she found some great ideas including a fancy box of lemon green tea, a raspberry dark chocolate bar, and a bag of seaweed snacks that were delicious.

The other goodies in the box literally included “the cherry on the cake/la cerise sur le gâteau”. There was a cornucopia of fruit erasers that will be perfect for work. I’m pretty sure the kids I work with are going to love me pulling these out during assessments. There was also a sweet dove bracelet that I wore for moral support during my appointments in Paris. And last but not least, there was a package of love tissues that will help bring some comfort to one of my IVF emotional overflows.

I loved connecting with Kalyz through this neat swap. I’m sending big hugs and lots of thanks to my lovely swapeuse! And thank you again to Lunatic and Madame Ourse at Dans ma Liseuse Hyperfertile for this great idea and all the organization that went into it!

2 thoughts on “Summer reading swap!

  1. I don’t know why, your post does not appear in my WP reader… I’m very happy to see it 🙂
    Btw I finished Outlander on TV and… He’s soooo hot 😀
    Bizzz ❤


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