Hope is a fleeting creature

The hope and positivity from our Parisian egg retrieval that was so present last week is a distant stranger this afternoon.  Only one of our embryos was able to be vitrified today on day 6, our poorest outcome as of yet.  So many questions, so much sadness, and so little room for hope…

15 thoughts on “Hope is a fleeting creature

  1. Je suis vraiment navrée ma belle… Et même si ça peut paraître facile à dire et tellement commun: il n’en suffit que d’un… J’espère que ce sera celui qui viendra illuminer votre vie !! Du fond du coeur… Bisous.


  2. I Fully understand your disapointment… Only one… We never had blasto and I remember all the questions twistering in my mind each Time we had the results : like a plane punching us in the face… I just wonder why you don’t have a fresh transfer? I really wish that this single hope Will be the start of the bright side of your history… (So hard to comment in english with iPhone!!!😩).
    A big hug…. 😘


    • Thank you for you thoughts Carotte (and in English too :-)! We didn’t do a fresh transfer because my MatriceLab results recommended avoiding a fresh transfer. It has actually been much better for me to wait for a frozen embryo transfer. It’s given my body and mind time to recover from the stims. Big bisous!

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      • I ignored that ML could recommend avoiding fresh transfer (but it upseted my doctor when I told her that a tev wasn’t a real chance “stop reading bullshits on the internet”. I wasn’t really proud of myself….).
        Do you have lots of NK cells? Do you have injections of intra lipides?
        I’ve done all my IVF in 14 month (just 2 frozen D2 embryos!) and i’ve been resting for almost a year. Body and soul really need some breaks…
        When do you start over? Fingers still crossed… 🍀😘


      • In the U.S. some of the top clinics now do predominantly frozen embryo transfers with very high success rates (partly due to the time needed to do genetic testing on embryos). My ML biopsy identified an under activation of NK cells (not enough inflammatory activity). The main recommendation was a FET in a natural cycle if possible. We’re hoping to transfer our last blastocyst next month if my WinTest is ok. How is your cycle for RT going?


  3. J’écris en français, mon anglais n’est pas terrible… Je n’avais pas eu le temps de commenter ton article précédent… C’est dur qu’il n’y en ait plus qu’un finalement, mais vous devez vous accrocher à cette bulle d’espoir, c’est peut-être la bonne, c’est tout ce que je vous souhaite.
    Essayez de profiter des fêtes avant le transfert (c’est prévu pour quand ?). Je t’embrasse.


    • Les fêtes étaient un peu difficiles comme chaque année depuis l’infertilité. Mais on a bien profité d’un voyage après Noël à deux…soleil, randos, plages, baignades avec des tortues de mer, tapas. C’était magique et ressourçant :-). Le transfert est prévu pour le mois de mars si mon WinTest veut bien. Des gros bisous à toi et au petit pois qui pousse.


  4. Ooohh non. I just read this as I was away and offline. I’m so sorry. I feel your pain and sadness.
    to the risk of being annoying – as I know other people’s experience don’t help much – I only had one blastocyst last cycle..
    I hope you could rest and recover from these news during the holidays. And that you can find a bit of hope for this little embryo waiting for the transfer.
    Big big hug! xx


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