The transfer of the Win

We’re heading back up to Paris next week for our little embryo that has been patiently waiting for us.  Up until this week I was really excited and relatively Zen, but as the transfer draws closer the anxieties have crept in.  I’m acknowledging them and trying to let them drift by.  A couple of clouds are okay, as long as they don’t block out my sun. 

I have been yearning to try a transfer on a spontaneous ovulation cycle, and I had felt that various biopsies (ERA and MatriceLab NK cell biopsies during HRT cycles), test results, and feedback from my body have pointed in this direction.  I so greatly want to have confidence in my body and its ability to carry a pregnancy, but this confidence is hard to regain after so years and so many failed transfers.  In February, I had two WinTest endometrial biopsies done on day 7 and day 9 post-LH surge of a spontaneous ovulation cycle.  The results indicated that my endometrium was receptive on both days.  The WinTest, like the ERA, is still relatively experimental, but I feel they are the best tools available to me right now to help shed some light on whether we have predominately embryo or implantation issues.  The WinTest has helped me gain a little confidence back and has reassured me that it is worth trying a transfer on a cycle where we trust my body to do its own thing.  I know this may not be the last step of our journey to sharing our life with a child, but I so hope it will be.

Giant Guan Yin Bodhisattva goddess of fertility.  A souvenir from our visit to the neat exhibition “Bentu, Des artistes chinois dans la turbulence des mutations” while up in Paris for the biopsies.


14 thoughts on “The transfer of the Win

  1. I think it’s important to do what we feel is right. I am still extremely convinced of my choices, even if they were made on gut feelings.
    Hope that fertility goddess will help. Thinking of you lots! xx


    • It’s true that sometimes it feels like the medical side of this is all that maters and that my body is just there to execute the prescriptions. This cycle is helping me to feel that I am at the center of this process, which is where the patient really should be. Thank you Anabelle! How are you doing? You’ve been in my thoughts this week. Hugs!

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      • Exactly.
        Thank you very much! I had the transfer this morning, with a glorious sun that helps believing in gifts of life. We head back to Paris tomorrow night thru Vienna. So we wait, don t we. And try to feel at peace in the process… 🍀🍀for you and me…


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