The little embryo or/and oocyte, or/and spermatozoid, or/and uterus? that couldn’t quite

I knew our beta on Wednesday was a little low, but I tried to hold onto hope even though my gut feeling was telling me otherwise.  A couple tear and sobs escaped yesterday, but today I feel essentially numb.  I never imagined our battle with infertility would be this painful and complicated.  I never fathomed we would go through 4 full IVF cycles, only to be left with empty arms and heavy hearts.  We have not come to the end of the road on our journey towards growing our family, but the road ahead has suddenly become immeasurably more complicated.  I feel like we have been abandoned at a fork in the road, with no map or directions and a multitude of paths to choose from, not knowing how many of them might run into dead ends.  We are not ready to give up, but we don’t know how much more we can handle nor where to devote the precious energy and hope that we have left.

11 thoughts on “The little embryo or/and oocyte, or/and spermatozoid, or/and uterus? that couldn’t quite

  1. Je suis vraiment triste pour vous… Je n’ai pas de mots, c’est si dur tout ça… Je te fais de gros bisous aussi réconfortants qu’ils puissent être. Plein de courage à tous les 2.


  2. Dear Searching, I am so sorry for this outcome… From where I stand today with so much hope, it is very easy to tell that FivDo is a less doubtfull option. I suffered a lot and went as far as I could before taking this path with a light heart. I can only wish that no matter your decision, you can take it easily and have or find a good pratician to guide and help you. Big hug


  3. I am So sad and so sorry for you… Each failure hurts like a knife in the heart… I never thought that Numbers would lead my Life… And so it is…
    I hope so much for you… Take all the Time you need… ❤️


  4. Quelques mots n’apaiseront pas vos souffrances, mais sache que je pense à toi, je t’envoie plein de douces pensées. Nous sommes encore trop nombreuses coincées à quai, et il est si difficile de savoir quel chemin de traverse nous devrons emprunter pour nous sortir de là… Plein de bisous ❤


  5. Bonjour, je viens de découvrir ton blog et je suis bien désolée de ces derniers résultats (désolée de commenter en français , la prochaine fois je “tente” en anglais ;-)…) quel long parcours douloureux !!!!… je découvre que tu as la même pathologie que moi (j’ai l impression que peu de personnes ont cela ) : insuffisance des cellules NK au niveau de l endometre. Bon courage pour la suite. Bises. A bientôt


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